Hello, this is me:


and this is a close up of my problem:

itchy me

Yes, that is a close up of a heat rash on my poor old eczema prone skin.

You would think that being a cosmetic chemist I could stop this wouldn’t you?  No.  No for a number of reasons which I will attempt to list below:

  • I am a lazy product user – I forget, give up, can’t be bothered to re-apply etc, etc.
  • I am a stress head – working on this one dear people but not quite there yet.
  • It is extremely hot here at the mo – several weeks of temps see-sawing from mid 20C – mid 40C and dry, oh so dry.
  • I love swimming – and there’s nothing more drying to the skin than water.  Go figure…..
  • I have a habit of itching myself and can’t quite work out if I scratch because I itch or if I itch because I scratch…..
  • I probably don’t drink enough water (no idea why that matters but it usually does).

I am sure that I have made, been given or purchased many great eczema products and yes, at times I do use them all but unfortunately in my case I think I’ve gone beyond a simple cream solution and need serious anti-itch therapy.

I’m off on my hols next week and am hoping that some fresh air, sea water and reduced stress will help clear this lot up but beyond that I’m going to give some hypnotherapy a try to see if I can get to the bottom of what lies beneath that itch/ scratch cycle (I’ve had bad eczema since I was a baby so probably never knew anything different).  That paired with a much stricter product regimen should (I hope) see me back onto the straight and narrow.

I will document this journey and will be focusing on several eczema balms and creams during February and March so if you are a fellow itchy person stay tuned and please do feel free to share your story here.  No judgement.

Amanda xxx