You know how aliens always come down from their star-spangled planets, find a quiet suburban house and turn on the 6 foot plasma screen in order to ‘learn’ about us Earthlings?   Well, if they were to come here any time soon they would probably go away with a very superficial view of women.   Author and social commentator Melinda Tankard Reist recently pointed out (via twitter and her blog) that the coverage of the women’s tennis at the Australian Open was shockingly sexist and trite. Why?  Because the global ‘serious’ media had decided that while the tennis that they played was dull and uninspiring their off-court behaviour, looks and relationships made them worthy of the title ‘drama queens’ and that makes everything OK. 

So you train until your body feels like it is going to break and Sacrifice friends, free time, money and sleep to perfect your trade and live your dreams and for what????   To be labeled as a  play-thing, a drama queen, a soap opera, that’s what.

Of course, this reduction of a woman down to her looks and ability to stir up drama is not just confined to the courts, remember last weeks ad for Virgin radio that is plastered across Paris?   And what about this piece from the usually family friendly holiday show Getaway with the headline ‘Sophie Monk gets some action’  to promote her post on Maui. PLEASE…..

It is beyond sad.

Let’s stop ‘selling’ women on their looks, sexuality and ability to cause drama, we are worth much more than that.

The real beauty of women can only be seen by those who care to look beyond the flesh. Indeed to see the real beauty of a woman requires intelligence, something that seems to be sadly lacking those pushing our popular media.

Sorry aliens, you’ve been short-changed and sadly so have we.