It isn’t often I do this but I love the way that Jade has described the new perfume that is set to strengthen our sisterhood bonds.  Anyway, I won’t rabble on as she says it all so beautifully.  You can catch Jade at her blog by following this link:
I first read about this perfume on Su’s blog and thought – Wow that sounds amazing I must try it. So off the the perfume counters I went and I must say for me this was love at first sniff.

The idea behind the perfume is that Womanity is a fragrance that bonds women through female energy. It’s said the be a woody, sweet and savoury perfume with notes of fig and caviar.

I think for me this perfume is really more than that, I’ll elaborate later on. On me it smells like a day at the beach, but I’m not talking Bondi, I’m thinking of the beaches from my childhood where you had to walk through the bush the get there. There’s a warm green about it, like dry wood. And on me the salt really stands out, but is sweetened slightly by the fig. The scent makes me literally feel like I’ve stepped out of the ocean and been sunning myself on a beach.

I’m so sentimental and romantic about this perfume because it floods my mind with so many memories and pictures, I’m worried that this post could really end up being quite abstract and ramble-some so I’ll list a few things down in point form.

* It evokes the memory that all life comes from the ocean, thus it taps into some primitive, comforting feeling.

* It reminds me of my husband on a hot sunny day, not the smell of body odour, but the smell of the sun and salty sweat, really sexy.

* If it were a book it would be Anais Nin’s A Spy in the House of Love, read it if you haven’t already.

* If it were a Poet it would be Pablo Neruda –

I have slept with you

and on waking, your mouth,

come from your dream,

give me the taste of earth,

of sea water, of seaweed,

of the depths of your life,

and I received your kiss

moistened by the dawn

as if it came to me

from the sea that surrounds us

( Taken from – Night on the Island)

Womanity by Thierry Mugler is available now so why not treat your sisters to some this Christmas?