I have always appreciated the English sensibilities of Robbie Williams. I mean he is clearly a good looking boy – one who my friends did and still do swoon over (I really didn’t get the Take That vibe but have become more and more of a fan of his solo career) and yet he has as many self doubts as the rest of us.

Us English like nothing better than a good laugh -often at our own expense. We are not a fan of the “big-up me” approach and on the whole prefer to display our intellect and social gymnastery through a quick wit and razor sharp sense of humor.  We don’t mind admitting that we are fallible as long as we remain in control.  Having someone else point the stick can be utterly embarrassing and being embarrassed publicly is NOT good for the English patient.

So, Robbie Williams newest offering to tickle our sound buds is “Bodies” and it is the line “All we ever wanted was to look good naked and hope that someone can take it” and then “God saved me rejection from my own reflection I want perfection” that makes me smile.

I have had many times in my life when I stood in front of the mirror, sometimes naked and sometimes not but each time, checking out every little bit of myself while thinking “UUUURRRRGGGGHHHHH”.   The worst time for me was as a teenager as being a pear shaped girl who isn’t that tall but has more than her fair share of muscle  (due to swimming, cycling and running training) I felt like a freak! I thought that everyone would notice that one of my legs was thicker than BOTH of my sisters put together AND that my legs stopped way to early while my butt seemed to hand right down to my knees.  My top half up to my head was always ok, flat stomach (thank you sit up’s) and boobs that were fairly even in size but I had acne so the body love fest stopped at my jaw bone.

I remember walking into a classroom one wet lunch break and joining in my friends conversation about their bodies. We were about 13 and everyone was pointing out one thing that they liked about their friends body. Sounds great but it was one of those jelly fish conversations – where the compliment is really an implement!  I was told that I had nice lips after a few minutes of silent but deadly evaluation. I took that to mean that everything else sucked big time.

Anyway, back to Robbie Williams. I haven’t spoke to Robbie so I can’t comment on what he was thinking when this song was being written and composed but for me it says this: We are all looking for something, for that reassurance that we are OK.  Whether it is to do with our looks, our personality or our beliefs. Robbie apparently found God which is nice, I found two little babies who are now 5 and 8 years old – knowing that my body works and is strong and healthy gave me the confidence to move on.

My body issues were pretty average and never really stopped me from doing stuff and enjoying life but for some people their body hatred goes a lot further. Body Dysmorphic disorder can be life threatening and can seriously affect the sufferers life and ability to form relationships.  Knowing the difference between the up’s and downs of teenage life and something like this condition can be difficult to judge which is why professional help is often needed.  If you are or know someone that is suffering in this way try to get help as if you look closely enough, there is beauty in everything.

Feel Great Being YOU!

Get more Robbie Williams information at his website. We love you Robbie!