Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is the ingredient in toothpaste that lifts dirt from the teeth.  The rubbing action coupled with the dirt collection causes the SLS to foam which then carries the dirt away from the teeth.  The foaminess also ensures that all of the teeth get their fair share of toothpaste. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is present in toothpaste in very small quantities. It has been part of toothpaste recipes for tens of years and has an excellent safety record. It is also very efficient and cost effective at doing the job.

Some people want to avoid SLS as a small percentage of the population are allergic to it and develop mouth ulcers  or canker sores when regularly exposed. In this case there are alternatives.  Others are worried about the reported  link between SLS and cancer – This is a MYTH.  Your toothpaste is not likely to give you cancer and there  is no link between SLS and cancer.  Other people just want to limit overall chemical exposure – in this case it may be appropriate to try making your own, just keep visiting the dentist to ensure that you don’t do any damage.

Can you avoid it?

Yes you can but your toothpaste will not feel like the toothpaste that you are used to so be aware!  The guys at Naturally Direct have SLS free toothpaste for sale and just “googling” the term will bring up some more local options. Alternatively a visit to the health food shop may get you what you seek!

PS: I came across this brand – Pure and Green at the Beauty Expo and wanted to share it with you.  It is pretty spicy due to the clove extract but it does a good job and is SLS free for those who are looking for that kind of thing. Check out the company and find suppliers here.

pure and greens toothpaste

Good Luck!