We use Himalayan Rock Salt in our recipes for two of reasons:

Reason 1

In our bath bags we use Himalayan rock salt to look pretty firstly. In the field of cosmetic science it is not just enough to have a product do the job, we want it to look great too. We want to that little bit of intrigue, that promise of luxury, something exotic.  The salt does contain trace elements that make it pink but the initial reason for choosing it was that it adds a touch of luxury!

Reason 2

It contains beneficial trace elements.  Around 98% of the rock salt is common old sodium chloride (table salt) in its unrefined form. The other 2 ish %  consists of a mixture of other elements that help to soften the skin – things like sulfur, potassium, calcium, magnesium and a whole host of others. See a full analysis here. Table salt has these trace elements taken out.

The salt is mined in Pakistan and is used for a wide range of applications including culinary, personal care, ice cream manufacturing and de-icing.  You can eat it and can, in theory substitute your normal table salt with this. I just wouldn’t eat the stuff that we leave out for making bath bags – think of all of the fingers that have touched it!

Himalayan Rock Salt