Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I do hope that you are feeling all romantic and snuggly on this cold and wet morning (well it is up here in the Blue Moutains).   In honour of all things lovely I want to share with you the “First Love” collection by Synthesis 345 – a company that bring mystic powers, ancient wisdom and rose-indulgence to the bathroom.

Synthesis 345 is an Australian based organic skin care company whose mission it is to take beauty to a spiritual level with their Egyptian Inspired product range. This ancient wisdom has been paired with organic ethics and brought to life by the sensual beauty of rose making this a range that really nurtures your soul!

I fell in love with the natural and potent serum when I reviewed it last year – you can read more here and so was delighted when the ‘First Love’ Collection rocked up on my doorstep! 

As was of a review I would say that the strength of this range is on its beautiful and potent aroma which hangs around the key-note of rose with a touch of chamomile, lavender and citrus playing supporting roles.  The ingredients used for this range have been selected with a keen eye for detail meaning that the range doesn’t only smell good, it works well both on the skin and in the pot (although I would like the toner to be a bit thicker). This isn’t always the case with products!

The Cleanser is a favourite of mine as it looks like a ‘normal’ surfactant based cleanser but acts more like a cleansing cream.  As soon as you apply a bit of force to the gel it starts to become creamy so as to cleanse the skin while leaving it moisture coated. I did find it left the skin a little sticky (the down side of the natural gums such as xanthan or in this case carageenan) but that soon disappeared leaving soft, clean skin behind!

The range is certified by the Organic Food Chain – a certification board that is gaining in popularity in the Australian cosmetic sphere and is pitched at those looking for skin care products that nourish the whole-self through it’s philosophy and it’s potent aroma.  To sum up, this is a well-made, boutique brand with a fascinating story and some delightful products however, if you are not a fan of smelling your skin care all day long you may well find this range a little overpowering.   Also, as much as I love the story behind this range I do think that it is difficult to make the connection between the scientific name and the spiritual feast that this range promises- what do you think?

The range is featured and available to buy online at Beauty Heaven. Go on, indulge your senses!