Confession: As far as Church goes I am a strictly Christmas, weddings, baptisms and funerals kind of girl, that’s just how it is. The reason for me going tonight was to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to pass on the traditions of my childhood to my children. 

“Hope = Life”

All so often at Christmas we become fixated on getting the right gift for everyone, buying every variety of cheese, wine and fruit known to man and frantically trying to fit in our hair cut, manicure and fake tan before the big man arrives. But is that enough?

Whatever your religious belief, your ‘life’ circumstances or your personal happiness score Christmas is a great time to put all that aside and think of others.  With another year neatly ticked off and (hopefully) a few days taken at a slower pace, there may finally be time for us to ask ourself  “What can I do to help someone?” 

As I said in the opening, I don’t go to Church regularly but tonight I was struck by the “take-home” message – Give Hope this Christmas.   I invite you to consider this over the coming days as we all have special gifts, talents and energies that when shared can enrich the lives of many. So, whether you choose to donate to charity, volunteer for a few hours, make something or just lend a  friend an ear or shoulder to lean on, enjoy the experience of giving hope, because to give hope is to give life.

Happy Christmas From Amanda and my Girls