Amanda has a long-standing relationship with New Directions where, among other things she teaches Cosmetic Science related workshops.

While the social distancing and transportation challenge of 2020 quickly put a halt to face-to-face teaching, it didn’t mean the learning had to stop completely.

By May, interactive, online lessons had been launched and by July a full range of courses were running:

  • Create Your Own Cosmetics 1
  • Create Your Own Cosmetics 2
  • Start Your Own Cosmetics Business
  • Cosmetic Chemistry Part 1
  • Cosmetic Chemistry Part 2
  • The Chemistry of Cleansers
  • Create Your Own Urban Haircare
  • Create Your Own Intensive Care Hair Formulations

These courses all vary in content and delivery style but include, where relevant make-at-home formulations and activities, interactive quizzes, live Q&A’s and practical demonstrations plus pre-recorded video content to help with communicating key scientific outcomes.

At present, courses run from 10-4pm on Saturdays and are presented live from the New Directions showroom. Course dates and booking information can be found on the New Directions Australia website.

“I really wanted to create an online learning experience that was as immersive and interactive as possible. Being someone who struggles to pay attention and absorb information in virtual classroom settings, especially if I’m not actively joining in I was initially reluctant to give this a go.  However, once I realised New Directions could deliver activity kits to participants and that I could integrate a hands-on component into the workshops I was sold!  For workshops where a hands-on component is less practical I found pre-recording video segments combined with live demonstrations and examples helpful.  All in all the construction and teaching of these workshops has been a great learning curve and while there is still more development work to do, I’m now convinced that the future of cosmetic education is online”.  Amanda Foxon-Hill