Research out of the  University of Western Australia showed Tea Tree oil to be effective in inhibiting the growth of tumours under the skin  in mice. This fascinating discovery  was reported to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation who hope that this study will lead to a treatment for various  types of skin cancer.
During the study a notable shrinkage in the tumors was observed in the mice treated with a tea tree oil formulation applied directly to the skin. Previous research into the anti-cancer activity of tea tree oil has been limited to in-vitro testing which has proved useful but not necessary applicable to real-life situations. This study gives researchers hope that an all-natural treatment based on tea tree may not only be possible but may be deliverable transdermally.
This study represents the first  breakthrough in a series of research steps that will hopefully take this all-Australian product into mainstream medicine, you can read more here.  If you are inspired to get busy with this good oil may I recommend my friends at New Directions, their online shop is always well stocked.

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