It is quite rare for me to read about a new ingredient for cosmetics and go eeeerrrrruuuuuggggg but this one did it! Apparently (and I have not yet read the full report) a company called Andes Natural have found that the secretions coming from the Helix Aspersa Muller species of snail have  amazing skin healing properties. The serum is highly compatable with human skin and contains a powerful  anti-oxidant which when applied to acne scarred skin starts to break down the scarring and re-build the collagen and elastin.  I found the story in Cosmetic Design Europe and decided to do a little bit more digging (pardon the pun).

Check this out to see how the snail slime is “harvested”.

There is an awful lot of information on line about this wonderful ingredient. Apparently it can dissolve keloid scars, improve the skin of burns victims and help to re-build the pitted scars of acne sufferers. This all sounds amazing but I imagine that like anything else it all depends on the dose, on the length of time that the product is in contact with the skin and in the individual’s response. Still, it certainly looks like an ingredient to seek out and try. I have booked a day of gardening tomorrow and will now be viewing these slimy little creatures with new eyes – just not sure what marketing angle to use to make this ingredient more appealing…….

snail on a log