Who Makes It?

Botox is manufactured by a company called Allergan Inc who is based in the USA. They make a wide range of other products too including some for weight management, eye care, medical dermatology, urology and Neurosciences.

What does Botox Do?

Botox is the trade name for Botulinum Toxin Type A.  It was approved for use as a cosmetic in 2002 by the US Food and Drug Association and has been making waves in the cosmetic industry ever since. Botox is injected into facial muscles where it acts as a relaxant. In this relaxed state, wrinkles and lines start to look softer.  Results can last for up to four months depending on the individual – eventually the nerve and muscle cells that have been relaxed recover! Botox has been used therapeutically since 1989 where it is used to treat eye blinking disorders and some other muscle and nerve disorders. Since 1989, it has been trialed in many other nerve and muscular disorders with promising results.
Where does Botox Come?

Botulinum Toxin comes from a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum.  The bacteria produce a range of  Botulinium Toxin’s including type, A which is utilized in Botox.  Most people heard of botulism well before Botox. Botulism is an illness caused by the bacteria mentioned above – the same bacteria that is used to make Botox.  Botulism can be lethal as it paralysis the muscles involved in breathing.

So, if that is true is Botox dangerous?

Well, Botox does come from this deadly bacteria but the toxin is extracted, purified and modified so that it has only minor toxicity – just enough to relax facial muscles for a short time!   Botox has been used to treat wrinkles for six years now and while some allergic reactions have been observed, they have been rare.  The manufacturers, Allergen advise that a fully trained physician only administer the product. There have been a few reports of nausea, localized pain and bruising immediately after treatment.

Will I experience permanent damage?

Botox works on blocking the little signals from the nerve to the muscle. The body breaks down the Botox over time (between 1-6 months depending on you!) leaving your nerves free to talk to the muscle again.  Problems could arise when Botox is over-prescribed, if you have a rare reaction to the treatment or if your physician has not followed the correct procedure. Botox has been through extensive clinical trials and is used to treat things far more serious than wrinkles so if guidelines are followed, things should go well.  We would advise starting slowly to see how your body copes before getting your whole face “done”!

OK, so should I book in?

That is up to you!  Here at Realize Beauty we would encourage anyone wanting to try Botox to make an appointment to talk about the procedure with a registered physician. Ideally get a recommendation from a friend and go easy in the first instance. We would not recommend getting your first Botox either at a Botox party or in your lunch break – take some more time out, think it through!

Whatever you decide remember – at Realize Beauty, we value beauty on the inside just as much as out. Botox will not save your marriage, earn you a promotion or do the washing up! It may make you feel a little better though so go try if you want to – tell us all about it!


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