I first saw this bright young Australian brand at the Sydney beauty expo last year and my did they stand out! This all-natural ingredient-rich brand delivers the kind of results and skin feel that you expect from a multi-national without the hype, empty promises and drama. I have to confess that I was first drawn to the stand because it cut a shocking pink  swathe across the sea of organic expo green and made me curious, in a bad way.  I couldn’t easily tell at that time that the range was jam-packed with a cocktail of carefully researched actives all housed in elegant, silky emulsions.  I just thought that this was another one-trick-pony natural range that would struggle to sustain oxygen after its fifteen minutes of pretty pink fame.  But thankfully I was wrong.

Cosima is a brand built on the philosophy that the products should speak for themselves.  I was lucky enough to  share a coffee with the secret squirrel of an owner last month during one of my grand tours and was absolutely thrilled to find a grounded, diligent, intelligent and humble person happy to stand back and let the products take the glory.  You can’t even begin to imagine how refreshing that feels…..

I have been trying a small selection of the products over the last few weeks and found that without fail they have exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and elegance. The formulations are well-balanced in terms of the way the base ingredients compliment and support the actives and best of all they don’t feel over-engineered which is great.

So, what did I try?

The Flawless Serum.

I must say that I find serums difficult to formulate personally. It is because serums have to be light yet chocker block full of actives. They probably need to be emulsions yet can’t look too creamy but neither can they look too much like milky jelly – it’s complicated.  Oh and on top of that I hate sticky serums, serums that aren’t really serums – they are just watery liquids, serums that are just oils  and serums that are thick and gluggy (they are just wrong).   The Cosima serum has the consistency right in terms of the thickness and manageability. It is still a little sticky but not to the point that it really matters – it dries quickly leaving your skin feeling instantly tightened and slightly tingly (in a good way).  It feels like it is working its magic!

The serum contains Myoxinol – natures botox and YES you can feel it working straight away which is great!  It also contains a bevvy of herbal extracts to sooth and smooth dry, irritated skin plus some hyaluronic acid and beta glucan for moisturisation and control of inflammation.  The only down side is the smell which is due to the preservative. There isn’t much that can be done about that and while it isn’t a bad aroma it is quite overwhelming and after working with that particular preservative for a few years I am probably more sensitive than most.

True Renew Facial Exfoliant.

I am becoming quite a fan of the creamy exfoliant and this one doesn’t disappoint. It delivers a gentle degree of exfoliation thanks to mother of pearl extract and Jojoba oil, moisturising as it goes thanks to a base rich in macadamia and jojoba oil.  To back up the physical exfolliants is the chemical exfoliating active  papaya which helps to even out and freshen up the skin tone each time you wash.  You will also find Willow bark, Kakadu Plumb and Marshmallow extract.

Gentle Cleansing Milk.

This light yet creamy milk is perfect for those looking for a soap-free cleanse and make-up remover. It isn’t strong enough to get stubborn waterproof mascara off in one hit but is perfect for every-day use. You will find it packed with Macadamia, Almond and Coconut Oil plus Jasmine and Lime essential oils.

Flawless Cream

The above products all have a light and weightless feel to them whereas the flawless cream feels substantive, rich and velvety. It is great for the decolletage area especially when it has become dry or sun-damaged as it feels really protective and nourishing. The cream continues on the above theme delivering aloe vera, natural oils, beta glucan and natural extracts to sooth, moisturise and revive tired skin.   It is the kind of product that you want to slather everywhere before you tuck yourself into bed at night.  Again the smell is strong (mostly due to the preservative) but it is tolerable.

Overall Verdict:  Impressive balance of actives at levels that will work. This well presented range deserves it’s growing reputation as the ‘skin therapists brand of choice’ due to the fact that while it is small on talk it is big on action.

Suitable for:  All but the most delicate of skin types (the hefty dose of actives may be too much for hyper sensitive skin) but specifically good for dry, mature or sun-exposed skin.

Find it:  On Facebook.  www.facebook.com/cosimaskincare,  Website:  http://www.cosimaskin.com/index.php  and in ‘real life’ at spa’s and salons all over Australia (contact Cosima for stockists).