It has been an amazing weekend here in Australialand as we welcomed home our newest hero Jessica Watson yesterday. Jessica has proved that dreams can come true just so long as you are prepared to endure a bit of blood, sweat and tears on the way. Jessica’s dream to sail around the world before reaching her 17th birthday was realized yesterday while the nation sat  glued to our TV’s, radio’s or( for the lucky few) the Opera house steps to welcome her home.

Australia has a New Hero

Like many of others around the world my 9-year-old daughter has been obsessed with Jessica’s journey over the last 210 days and has come to regard Jessica as a symbol of  strength and determination.  As a parent I am so deeply grateful to the Watson family for giving Jessica the space and support needed to do this, especially when the world was ready to point the finger and question the wisdom of such a move. Further, I am grateful to Jessica for giving my young girls a positive role model to look up to in a time when intelligent, hard-working and humble role-models seem hard to come by.  Finally I am personally grateful to Jessica for being true to herself and in doing so showing us that the only way to eat an elephant is piece by piece.

So, while I sit here reflecting on the achievements of this brave woman I think about the direction of another.  Events like this tend to focus our minds onto our own opportunities, desires and achievements.  I am proud of what I have done so far but am also excited by the opportunities that have yet gone unrealized.  I believe that the first step to realizing our potential is to give ourself the time and space to play with a few ideas and formulate a few plans. Second to that  it is important to believe that success is possible and this is easier when you have a supportive network around you.  Lastly it is essential to go for it with a clear head and an unwavering stride.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jessica Watson but in the meantime will be working on realizing some potential of my own. Are you inspired?   Let’s talk!