Did you see Seven Sunrise this morning? They were reviewing the ‘new’ Inneov anti-ageing skin tablets  which promise better looking skin from the inside?  These pills are actually the result of a 2002 JV set up between L’Oreal and Nestle to exploit the “nutricosmetics” trend which market analysts Klein Group valued at $1.5 billion US earlier this year.  BUT DO THEY WORK?

Face Food, pop a pill from ISTOCKPHOTO

They should due to their nutritionally balanced contents which include:

  • Lycopene – (the stuff that makes tomatoes red) Lycopene is usually very sensitive to  UV radiation and therefore difficult to formulate with, it is also difficult to absorb however, this JV has enabled the development of a stable  and bio-available extract that can be taken orally.  L’Oreal and Nestle list “maintaining skin quality, firmness and elasticity” and “Delays and reverses skin wrinkling due to ageing” as two key benefits.
  • Pro-biotics – Just like those little Yoghurts that make your tummy sing, pro-biotics can be taken in tablet form to facilitate glowing skin.   Apparently these “good bacteria” help the skin to protect its self from UV radiation and speed up the skin’s own regeneration system after UV damage all of which is great news!
  • Vitamin A  to help re-build stressed or aged skin (we often see this in skin creams as Retinol or its derivatives).
  • Vitamin C – a fantastic antioxidant that helps to mop-up free-radicals that can lead to ageing.
  • Vitamin E- rejuvenating, moisturising and re-structuring stressed and scarred skin.

These tablets sure do tick a lot of boxes on the inner-health skin side of life and are therefore worth a closer look.  However, if you are popping these pills while living a debauch lifestyle of late night parties, kebabs and wall-to-wall white wine and soda the results experienced would be minimal.

Due to the vitamin A content I would run these past your doctor before taking them if pregnant AND I would also advise against relying on the SPF boost that these may or may not give your skin.  Use sunscreen, eat real food and drink water.  Boring but it works.

Oh, and if all else fails blame your parents as much of how we age is due to our genes……