This has to be one of my favourite ingredients as is brings a beautiful sweet aroma and rich colour to a whole range of skin care products. I love it in organic lip balms, fragrance-free or naturally perfumed nourishing creams and soothing balms.   It is common to see people make reference to beeswax as a natural emulsifier and while that is true it isn’t totally accurate. If you want to make an emulsion using beeswax as the main oil-water binder you need something else called borax (sodium borate) as it is the reaction between these two chemicals that enable an old-fashioned cold-cream to be made. Basically the beeswax and the borax undergo a saponification reaction (rather like making soap) and the resulting chemical has both oil and water-loving properties (a surfactant is created). This can then hold a simple cream together!

Organic Beeswax

Why not try a little beeswax in your next cream or lip product – you don’t need too much as it can lead to your product feel like it is dragging on the skin, 1-8% should cover almost everything!

We get our Organic Beeswax from  New Directions Australia.