Every now and then the “girly” mags like to point out the bodily features of some gentlemen and nothing pulls in the eyeballs like man boobs (apparently).  So, what are they and what causes them?

The medical condition  gynecomastia is one of the possible causes of boob growth in men and this is often hormonal.  Otherwise certain genetic conditions,  being overweight, weight training and ageing can all play their part. The breast area in both women and men contains fat cells and so it makes sense that when we put on weight, our boobs tend to grow too.  In a cruel twist of fate some women’s boobs have a lower “fat cell per cm ratio” than other body areas such as the backside meaning that no matter how big they get, the boobs just don’t grow.  Men are no different!

Anyway, with summer on the way for us Aussies, how to deal with man boobs is back on the agenda and I wanted to find out if man boobs are a real worry or just an inconvenience…

Hormonally Yours.

The body is a funny thing at times and although things are supposed to want to stay in balance (homeostasis) occasionally things go awry with drastic consequences.  It is very common for the breasts of teenage boys to start to develop and while most boys breasts will settle down and remain quite flat once the hormones have sorted themselves out, some are left with more than they bargained for.  As with all things hormonal it is best to check out the exact cause with a doctor or health professional as irratic hormones may have their origin in something less temporary than adolescence. With gynecomastia, the cause of breast growth can usually be brought under control identified. However the existing breast tissue may have to be surgically removed should it be causing a problem – something that a cosmetic surgeon can usually take care of.

Unwanted breast growth can be painful both physically and psychologically and although the statistics state that gynecomastia is quite common (up to 30% of males), it can lead to feelings of isolation and humiliation. If  you, or someone that you know is suffering because of this condition may we recommend the following web sites for more information and support: Gynecomastia organisation or in Australia Ask Men have some excellent advice.

A Weighty Issue.

If the boobs are due to too much of a good thing then you have a few choices to make.  While having boobs won’t kill you, a tendency to accumulate fat in the heart area may cause health issues.  We don’t need to bang on about getting plenty of exercise and eating well here but well, you get the picture.

Rub it on Baby!

It is possible to buy creams and lotions that promise to reduce fat and improve the appearance of cellulite or other lumpy areas but while some do work better than others you are not going to be able to rub your man-boobs away (although it may be fun to try!)  These products typically contain ingredients that will stimulate circulation – think Caffeine plus herbal extracts such as cayenne (a type of pepper that produces capsaicin), green tea,  seaweed, licorice and ginseng.

Often these “actives” are then married up with fake tan actives such as DHA and/or erythrulose to give the skin a healthy looking glow.  The tan will do nothing to reduce the size of the area but it may make you feel more confident about showing it – and that can’t be a bad thing!

Finally, it is quite possibly the massaging action that is doing the most good in all of these topical treatments so, by all means give them a go but don’t skimp on the application – be sure to relax and get a good massage at the same time!  If money is tight or you can’t bare the thought of shopping for fat busting creams then why not make your own stimulating skin rub using a blended essential oil (from an aromatherapist or health food store) and a carrier oil that suits you? Sweet Almond or Macadamia work well.  Let us know how you go.

Want to know how to dress to impress while disguising those man boobs?

Cosimina Image Consultant

Our Image Consultant Cosimina gives us some tips on how to disguise Man-Boobs now that the warm weather is approaching.

1. Select tops made from thick fabric and make sure the fabric is not clingy.

2. Layering your clothes will disguise the boobs. Wear a shirt opened to reveal a t-shirt underneath. Make sure the t-shirt is dark in colour.

3. Select dark colour tops. This will absorb the light  hide ripples and man boobs as long as the top is not tight.

4. Patterned material can distract attention away from the boobs (be careful on the size of the pattern).

5. Always wear loose shirts.

6. If you have big man boobs then don’t wear tops with short sleeves. If the sleeves end right at the boobs then this creates a line around the chest thus creating attention to the area.

7. If you are down at the beach or by the pool wear a dark, not to tight rashy. This will also stop sun burnt.

Feel Great Being You!