Direct marketing company Nu-Skin launched their new age-loc technology in 2008 and have been rolling out the age-loc range and galvanic spa system globally ever since. With nearly 4000 facebook fans and sales agents spanning the four corners of the globe this brand had to be worth a look. So what does this range have that is so special? I went along to a launch earlier this year to find out and have since been digging around in the deepest darkest biology books to put it all into perspective.


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The Age loc range’s unique selling point is the way that it markets its approach to “anti-ageing”. As our skin ages our cells become less energetic, start making a few mistakes here and there and generally slow down. That, you would think is quite acceptable being, as though they have put in 24/7 hard labour for god knows how many years. Only for some, it isn’t great. Our genetics, pollution, diet, overall health and stress levels all take their toll leaving many of us reaching for the instant lift face cream long before our 60th birthday.

So, can we turn back the clock?

Nu-Skin have patented the name “ar NOX” and use this to describe an enzyme that occurs in the skin and is present in increasing concentrations as the skin ages. Apparently the higher your level of Arnox the older you will look. The “discovery” of arNOX has been hailed as a breakthrough for anti-ageing products as once this can be controlled, the ageing process can be halted from within.

Intrinsic ageing (ageing due to natural causes) has been widely studied and it was back in 1965 that a major breakthrough was made in understanding how cells are renewed. This study carried out by Dr Leonard Hayflick identified an enzyme called telomerase and showed how this enzyme was responsible for ensuring that cells replicate accurately – it acts like the tip of a shoelace, stopping the cell DNA from becoming unraveled. This work went on to inspire the group of scientists, which included Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine. Recent work by Dr Blackburn et al showed that as we age and when under stress the activity of the telomerase enzyme slows down and becomes less effective at cleaning up.

As cells age they start to release free radicals as part of their apoptosis (or programmed cell death). This is a natural process but it makes sense that as our skin cells age, the cleaners eyesight gets a little bad and fluff is missed! Hence, as we age we have more free radicals spinning around. In young people, this may cause many problems as free radicals can start all manner of weird and wonderful reactions but in older people, all of our cells slow down so for the most part, the free radicals just burn out without causing too much fuss.

So, biology lessons aside, what about Nu-Skin and its “ar NOX” technology? Well, the active used in the Age Loc brand works on the principal that it mops up these free radicals BEFORE ageing occurs rather than trying to prop-up an already aged skin. A case of prevention is better than cure maybe. The arNOX antidote is a plant based extract that is shrouded in secrecy and protected by patents (patents list several possible sources of this wonder cure: broccoli, Shitake, lotus, carrot, olive…) so it is a little hard to know what exactly is in there. However, the product is backed up by numerous clinical trials and well; the sales surely speak for themselves. This stuff must do something right!

Overall I would say that the Nu Skin Age Loc technology is probably not as new and unique as it is making out via its excellently crafted (and broad spectrum) marketing approach but let’s not split hairs. The people seem to like it!

Teamed with the hand held galvanic spa machine you can have hi-tech anti-ageing delivered right where your skin needs it, in the comfort of your own home.


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