Many of us recall the memories…. Teeny tiny elastics stretched into the back of our mouths around the metal casings that were straightening our teeth.. yes those good ole braces evoke many memories, particularly the day they came off!
With all the progress in technology were not surprised that it reached teeth straightening. Yesterday we saw a presentation by Invisalign and marvelled at the clear plastic guard that sits around the teeth doing its magic, with no discomfort or self esteem issues!
Anthony from Bondi Rescue was there to show us how he is in treatment and we discovered that 93% of Australians surveyed by Invisalign believe there are benefits to having a nice smile.
This got me thinking… How important is it how your teeth look? is it yet another thing that we are concerned about? With 2 daughters I must say that I am pleased to know that if they need ortho work that technology is advancing for their generation.
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Amanda with Anthony from Bondi Rescue.