It seems that there is a case of “My definition is better than yours” in the certification world. Cosmos, the group that  was created to bring some harmony into the global “green” certification market now finds that while it was negotiating the world changed.  The Cosmos standard now not only has to compete with NaTrue, another European conglomerate but also with a pretty powerful American  contingent.  Cosmetic Design summarises the situation rather nicely here. The Realize Beauty team will not be holding our breath on this one as the mindfield that is organic certification continues to flummux even the most seasoned of chemists. Our advice?  Either

A) Choose a standard that you both understand and trust and stick by it while you can!

B) Take a chemistry degree and make up your own mind or

C) Make your own products.

Whatever you choose have fun while  we keep trying to spot the needle in this haystack.