One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned by being in business is how to mind my own and by that I essentially mean investing in my mental health.  I am convinced that one of the biggest barriers to success for the budding entrepreneur lies in the secret world of Emotional Intelligence or how well we know, trust and like ourselves and consequently others.

I can see how and why this happens as I have witnessed how  absolutely possible it is  to reach the dizzy heights of success in a given trade, art, business or charitable foundation without passing a ‘know yourself, love yourself, now love others’ class, in fact  ‘feelings’ and ’emotion’ were most unwelcome at many of the board room tables I’ve had the pleasure of sitting at – too girly, too prissy, too wishy-washy, diversionary, immeasurable  and not results-driven enough.

And yet time and time again businesses fail and people become disillusioned because of people issues.

Surely the only  ‘people’ you can control are your  ‘me, myself and I’.

And there in lies the problem…….

Thinking me

Didn’t make money this week?  Guess what entrepreneurial maveric, that’s because of you.

Missed that deadline?  Your problem.

Took on too much work?  Hello in there brain….

Not got enough work?   Pull your own socks up woman.

Triple booked yourself?  Where’s your diary dude?

Under quoted and ended up losing money?  You again.

Customers don’t understand you?  Sorry mate but maybe you don’t understand you either.

Made an expensive mistake?  Come on twinkle toes!!!!

These things hurt because while we can always think of a reason or situation to blame it on deep down inside we start to realize that the only way to stop this thing is to take a good long hard look at ourselves.  

Once I started digging around in my own crazy, eccentric and wonderful mind I began to spot patterns in my behaviour, started to get to know the characteristics and power behind the energy that I was giving out,  began stepping back from my judgements and allowing my self to process those judgemental thoughts in a less emotive and more systematic/ logical way.  I started to question the way I thought about myself, my identity, my definition of ‘success’ and my hopes for the future.   This wasn’t without its tears and sleepless nights and neither was it a quick fix to ‘instant financial success’ if anything one thing I learned through my process was to have faith in the process. To be patient and that success to me means balance and in that regard, success  is personal.

The other thing that I learned from my soul-searching that I had actually fallen into the trap of knowing what I don’t want but not knowing what I do.   That was a real eye opener to me, especially as I’m always going on at cosmetic brands to stop marketing themselves as ‘free from’ and start standing up for what you are.  I could not believe that I had done the same. Silly me!


I found hypnosis sessions with Linda from  Mind Mastery amazingly helpful  as her methods of  Neurolinguistic Programming satisfied my logical business mind while her gentle questioning and relaxation techniques soothed my restless and exhausted  soul.

Investing in my mind over the last two years has been the best thing I have done for both my business and my personal life and while it hasn’t been without its tears and sleepless nights it has been an amazing and powerful journey and one that I now feel equip to deal with and own.

So, my top tip to business success?

Mind your own business.

Amanda x