It’s Sunday, it’s raining and I am sitting here cozy in my un-matched socks and tracksuits gazing at the left-over dinner on the table and thinking “man, I wish I had a cleaner”.  Being a mother while trying to do other stuff can be as challenging as it is awe inspiring.  While dealing with a rather tense daughter this afternoon I was inspired to write this.  Do you think it is good enough to go into THE BOOK?   Anyway, enjoy and please feel free to post your poems below. Sharing is good (unless it involves chocolate in which case you can shove off and get your own)

Just Be.

I am an endless cup of cocoa

I’m the cuddle that cures all ills.

I am a love that knows no boundaries

I am the flame that warms the chills.

I have a heart that’s made for sharing

I pick you up each time you fall.

I have a strength that’s brave and daring

I always listen to your call.


I am your mother plain and simple

I’m a wife and lover too.

I am a daughter and a sister

I am a friend and a ‘can-do’ .

I am a student and a teacher

I’m an employee and a boss.

I am a mind that’s always open

I am a stone without the moss.


I am everything and nothing

I am endless yet finite.

I’m a truth that’s universal

I am love and passions light.

I’m as constant as I’m changing

I’m as chained as I am free.

I am beauty and perfection

I’m amazing.

I am me.


Just be.