There is something strangely compelling about the rat race. We may feel the need to get away, enjoy the silence and dance to our own drum but something always makes us take another peep and get right back with it, well maybe not RIGHT back with it…….

Line up, line up!

Humans are pack animals and as such it is natural for us to want to feel like we belong.  This also makes us seek out people who think the same as we do, hold similar values and aspire to the same goals.  The down side to this natural tendency though is to be a bit scared of anything that looks a bit odd or different, a fear of being ridiculed and worries about being left like a shag on a rock. Alone. 

Freedom  and confidence come from understanding and embracing this, accepting our sometimes conflicting instincts for wanting to be part of something bigger yet needing personal space. It is confusing but it is normal and you will find your ZONE.

So, don’t feel scared about being different,  don’t feel weak for wanting to fit in and don’t feel lost in the crowd. There is ALWAYS room for one more so bring your spark of genius and sense of self and prepare to PARTY. Lego style….

Beauty is understanding happiness together and happiness alone and not being afraid to live your choice.

Find your crew and live large.