The short answer is YES.

Women generally have thinner skin that men with some dermatologists saying that mens skin is up to 20% thicker.  Men’s skin also contains more collagen and elastin making them less prone to wrinkles than us girls.  During puberty mens bodies produce more testostorone. This hormone stimulates hair growth all over the body, including the face.  But why?  Facial hair was probably just another outward sign that the male was mature enough to father children!  Facial hair can be quite useful for men as it can protect them from the harsh elements – sun, wind and hail however, it can also be a source of irritation with some men suffering from ingrown hairs quite frequently.

And the good news for girls?

Don’t despair. On the whole women have smaller  pores and their skin produces less sebum making them less susceptible to acne.

However, Gender is not the only factor that plays a part in our skin health.  We can’t change our genes but we can learn to love the skin that we live in by protecting it from extremes of temperature, humidity and UV exposure. We should also feed it from the inside out, avoid pollution and drink plenty of water!