The ad even says ‘we appreciate that every body is different’ and I say BULL. They say ‘we respect your reasons for coming to see Dr Slice and Dice’ and I think KERCHING.  Yes I have been driving around a lot lately and I have grown as sick and tired of all the ads for breast augmentation as I am over being told that my cha-cha needs de fluffing and my husbands pencil needs more lead.  I think that I can make my own mind up about that thanks.

The problem with being ‘gently reminded’ about cosmetic surgery,  sexual function or  very personal appearance is that it makes normal people feel sick.  We start thinking about things in a different light,  believing that if it’s being talked about so often it must be NORMAL.  In short we become desensitized and re-programmed to believe that all of this is normal when it’s NOT.  

Now before people start calling in and saying that it’s a free world and I shouldn’t be insinuating that it is ‘abnormal’ to do/ want/ aspire to any of the above.  I’m not jumping to that conclusion. 

 What I am saying is the following:

We are self-conscious enough as it is without shoving this ‘barbie-esque’ perfection in our faces – just check out this about UK teenagers.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and it’s true, they do change over time – see my ‘ode to boobs’ article here.  Re-programming us all into thinking that chopping and stuffing them is in any way shape or form a ‘treat’, something ‘just for us’  or a useful way to ‘find ourselves’ after years of nurturing is quite perverted. I don’t buy it.

The same goes for our cha cha’s which ‘shock-horror’ grow hair naturally (designer vagina anyone?). We will do with them what we like thank you very much!

Oh and as for those  longer lasting, more exciting,  every night ads.  You can keep it – Call me old-fashioned but I’d rather someone help clean the kitchen…..

Make love not war (with your body).