I was blown away by the beauty of this grass when I saw it on the weekend and just had to take a picture. It reminded me of the beauty that comes with the rain, the treasures that unfold when one takes the time to look and the importance of hydration!

Our bodies are around 70% water and this time of the year can be a killer for sapping it out of you.  Whether like me, you are in that sunny summerland called Australia and are preparing for a long hot spell,  based in the north where winter is marching ever closer or somewhere tropical where monsoons are brewing, water is your friend.

Hydrating spritz sprays are a great pick-me-up for this time of the year. Opt for a cooling spray enriched with Lime,  Lemon Myrtle, Mint or Blackberry for summer or a warming spritz with ginger, clove, ginseng or cardamom for winter.   Keep them by your desk to revive mind, body and spirit!

Just don’t forget that spritzers do need preservatives so if you make your own be sure to add something to kill them there bugs!