It might sound a bit dodgy but it is true,  forget (well, not completely) those potions, lotions, creams and washes, all you need for a beautiful face full of youthfulness is a good pillow. 

About a month ago I was approached by a company called Cupron to look over their copper infused anti-bacterial and line-reducing  beauty pillowcases, socks, gloves and eye masks and I have to say I was really excited!  Having never tried anything like this before I was intrigued and told them to BRING IT ON and about a week later, the testing started.

So what AM I talking about?

US company Cupron has taken the world of high-performance textiles by storm with its copper infused technology to allow the production of woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics at a very reasonable price.  Copper is well-known for its broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties, a feature that was made use of well before anyone even knew that mini-bugs existed (copper and its alloy brass were used to carry water in ancient Greece and Egypt).   The metal has a very low toxicity both for humans and in the environment plus these copper-infused products can be used and washed time and time again without loosing efficacy. 
So, for those looking for ‘green’ and sustainable cosmetics, a Cupron pillow is a must have item.
You may well be thinking that it all sounds interesting but can a metal pillow case be comfortable?  Well, the answer is YES.  The material and metal are woven or bound together during manufacturing so all you end up with is a  beautifully soft pillow slip that feels blissfully silky against the skin. 

So now onto the good bit…… Does it work?  Well as I have mentioned before copper has a long history of […]