I love it when I get asked a question that I can’t answer straight up because it gives me an opportunity to go digging around in the depths of my fellow scientists brain cells in search of answers and so when this question came up I got e-mailing!

I was asked by one of my Watershed “Natural Personal Care” attendees if there is any truth in the notion that using moisturisers makes the skin a bit lazy and can moisturisers even become addictive? Being a “Think while you talk” kind of girl I immediately said that this probably wasn’t true and it was most probably a psychological ‘addiction’ rather than a physiological one as we all love the feel of silky soft, moisturised skin. However, immediately after saying that I left the door open with a ‘but then on the other hand’ and decided that I too, may be barking up the wrong tree!

So, off to my good friend and font of all knowledge Gavin who replied with the following  “If moisture in the skin is incidental to circulation (transpiration) then I would expect the application of a moisturiser to be additive.  If conversely, skin moisturisation is functional, then a feed-back regulatory process may well be involved in which case long-term, continuous moisturisation use would be contraindicated”

Coming to the conclusion that: “A regimen of intermittent use, might happily be recommended, in the absence of any compelling data or understanding”

So, with no concrete conclusion we asked another well respected cosmetic chemist,  Johan.

“To your question on can skin become lazy due to the use of skin moisturisers. Yes, this is a popular belief on the internet and not completely incorrect although the wording ‘lazy’ is completely wrong. Just like ‘skin breathes’ whereas there are no longs in skin.”
 and […]