Some of you may be aware that I have been an armchair philosopher for quite some time.  Well, this term I came out of the closet and joined a ‘club’ called the Sydney School of Philosophy (I bet that took a while to think up). It has been…….. enlightening!

For me, the idea of  “I think therefore I am” , Descartes is pretty important even though I often find myself wondering what it actually means.  I find freedom in philosophy, freedom to think without being boxed in, without prejudice and with complete attention.  It isn’t easy and I often find that every ‘eureka’ moment then comes with a ‘but what if’ question.  I can totally relate to Socrates and his “I know nothing” notions.   But that doesn’t mean that knowing nothing is a scary place to be.

Realizing that we know very little allows us to (in theory and yes, this is hard to implement) live in the moment, ask real questions and get some really interesting answers. Well, that is if we listen!

But what has all of this got to do about beauty?

Well, last week we toyed around with some notions of beauty.  It would be incredibly impressive of me to lay out the philosophical time-line of past and present philosophers thoughts on this issue but to be honest, I have very little idea of who said what when (but true to my nerd-self, I am looking into it)

Anyway, what happened in the past is all very good but we are alive today in a time when celebrity’s are Gods,  magazines are our holy books and the body is everything. 

So is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I have been researching our feelings of beauty for […]