The Realize Beauty team are excited to welcome Steve Corthine and his Stevie English Salon to our team of experts!  We love the Stevie approach to hairdressing, it’s  funky, fresh, innovative and Green!  Steve and his award winning team will be joining Realize Beauty later this year when we roll out our Indulgence Entertainment events in and around Sydney.  In the meantime please take a minute to allow us to introduce Stevie English…..

How and why did you become a Hairdresser?

I started hairdressing when I was 17, after deciding that university was not for me. After I started my apprenticeship, I never wanted to stop. I love the client interaction and the creativity of being a colourist.

What is the most satisfying thing that you do in your work?

Building relationships with clients. I have known some of my Sydney clients for 8 years, and they have become great friends. We have a party in the salon every year to thank our clients and have a great time.

What would you say defines your approach to Hairdressing?

The O&M philosophy of ‘original thinking’ sums up my approach to hair. I believe that brilliant results can be achieved without damaging hair. And also, I seek to create beautiful, fashionable hair colours that are flattering to the client.

As a Hairdresser how can you empower the consumer?

By giving them advice, not opinions. I work with them to get a great result, and also to satisfy their requests. I talk about how to protect and maintain the condition of their hair, and give at-home styling advice.

Your top tip for finding your wellbeing!

Don’t take life too seriously- it is there to be enjoyed!

How do you balance family and work?

I work […]