Realize Beauty – Coco Chanel.

I am fascinated by the way that rather than leaving you feeling full and contented, researching a subject leaves you hungry for more. I have just finished the life story of Chanel a book that I bought on a whim on my way down to Melbourne. Being in the beauty industry means that I do walk the line between high fashion, breaking trends and back-stage drama. However, everyday life is still more Bridget Jones than Anna Wintour not least because I like my fashion functional and enviro-savvy, my beauty products minimalistic and understated and my pallet muted. I am also mother of two young girls who like nothing better than to suck my wallet dry. It was with delight that I found out that Chanel and I had a few things in common!

Chanel was born into a Europe fast approaching a cultural tipping point. Having been born to a peasant family of market traders and brought up in an orphanage in rural France at a time when breading mattered, Chanel was at a distinct disadvantage. However, her fiery independence, sharp intellect and stunning looks (women were still very much objectified in society) opened up the doors that her unfortunate birth should have denied her. Her clear ideas around how a woman should look and function in society gave her an edge that many women saw as a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of Chantilly lace.
So, what is it about Chanel that fits with the “Realize Beauty” mindset?

Resilience. Chanel ploughed on in spite of her tough start in life, two world wars, workers strikes, a heart broken many times and a constant feeling of not fitting in.
Resourcefulness. Rather like the green movement of […]

Chanel overhauls nail beauty

While flicking through the Australian Vogue magazine I was captured by news of Chanels new nail colour – grey.  Now while this doesn’t sound like much of a revolution I am sure that grey will be the new pink (after all it was Chanel that turned black into the new… black back in the 20’s) especially after the success of the pistachio green colour earlier this year.  The new shade will probably be available from Chanel in early 2010, soon to be followed by many other wannabees.


PS: Currently reading the Chanel life story which is a must read for anyone interested in fashion, beauty, history,  business or just juicy life stories.