I’m one week into my Rationale skin trial and have to say that I am loving the feel and smell of the rejuvenating serum. This lightweight liquid is applied after the niacinamide serum to help give your skin an antioxidant boost which is just what aged or damaged skin needs to keep it in top condition.  So, what is in this little pot of goodness that smells like freshly squeezed juice?

20% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate – This fat soluble version of vitamin C is more stable than many other commonly used versions which means that you are likely to see the benefits on your skin! Vitamin C is a natural brightening active, anti-oxidant and moisturising active.  On top of that it doesn’t require a low pH to stabilise it so it doesn’t come with the usual sting factor!

Tocotrienol –  This natural variant of the popular Vitamin E (tocopherol) packs a higher antioxidant potential than it’s brother and as such is able to protect the skin from free radicals to a much higher degree.

Ubiquinone – This co-enzyme helps to boost cell metabolism therefore playing a part in keeping the skin fresh, bright and youthful.

Tocopheryl Retinoate – Retinol is widely known for its ability to help treat acne  but it is its ability to  boost skin cell turn-over that makes it the darling of the dermatology world.  However, Retinol does have some problems namely its  potential to irritate,  UV instability and love of degrading in the presence of air. Therefore many of the retinol containing products on the market probably don’t contain much retinol by the time you get stuck into it.  However, Tocopheryl Retinoate is one retinoid that looks set to change all of that!  This hybrid of tocopherol and retinoic acid is alleged to absorb better, have a lower irritation potential […]