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Tea Tree and it’s amazing tumor shrinking power

Research out of the  University of Western Australia showed Tea Tree oil to be effective in inhibiting the growth of tumours under the skin  in mice. This fascinating discovery  was reported to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation who hope that this study will lead to a treatment for various  types of skin cancer.
During the study a notable shrinkage in the tumors was observed in the mice treated with a tea tree oil formulation applied directly to the skin. Previous research into the anti-cancer activity of tea tree oil has been limited to in-vitro testing which has proved useful but not necessary applicable to real-life situations. This study gives researchers hope that an all-natural treatment based on tea tree may not only be possible but may be deliverable transdermally.
This study represents the first  breakthrough in a series of research steps that will hopefully take this all-Australian product into mainstream medicine, you can read more here.  If you are inspired to get busy with this good oil may I recommend my friends at New Directions, their online shop is always well stocked.

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Can Lavender Make Your Boobs Grow?

Well, Possibly Yes and Possibly No.

The Yes Vote.

Results from a 2007 study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the USA  showed lavender oil to have an estrogen mimic effect plus a simultaneous androgen inhibiting effect when tested on human cells.  This puts lavender oil in the class of chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors” – a family containing things like pthalates, parabens and soy.   

The findings came to light after three boys aged between four and eleven presented at their doctors with enlarged breasts.  All three had been using lavender infused personal care products  and all three had otherwise normal hormone levels. Upon ceasing use of the products the breast area returned to normal within two months. The link was then tested in a laboratory to further quantify and analyse the essential oils effect on the cell – endocrine disrupting behaviour was observed.

And the case for “NO”

Well as we have all seen before there are scientific studies and scientific studies. Apparently the one above was pretty poorly constructed:  The oils tested in the lab were not identified and blueprinted making it hard to work out if they were “pure” or not, the exact habits of the boys and the formulations of the lavender products were not fully documented and the boys wider history was not taken (did they have a largely soy based diet for example).  All of these facts (and more according to Robert Tisserand) point to a duff piece of science.

The Verdict.

So, should we all hang up the lavender?  Well, if the above study could be verified by further, more thorough trials and  the cellular impacts were found to be reversible (as in this trial) then behavioural changes should be enough. However, as these body changes would be psychologically damaging and physically worrying, the cosmetics and aromatherapy industries would probably seek to review […]

Time is of the Essence. Can Aromatherapy Ward off Swine Flu?

As we sit here freezing in our  Blue Mountains office we can’t help but wonder if the backache that has been plaguing us today is due to something more sinister than bad posture. Will we join the growing masses of people falling victim of Swine Flu? Is the spread of this new virus a foregone conclusion or can we fight back?  Being the kind of those people that touch, talk to and interact with the masses every day in order to make a dollar or two, becoming a hermit is not an option. So, what, if anything can be done? Let us look…

Why the fuss?

Is it me or does it seem like influenza leaps into our lives as soon as the month of June begins?  Winter is open season for true flu (we can get flu-like illnesses at any time of the year). A key factor in the spread of influenza is that in winter we snuggle up together more, we turn on heating systems and tend to stay indoors. There is much debate on whether people’s ability to ward off disease diminishes in winter – it has not been possible to find any medical evidence that this happens but the very fact that the most virulent and hard-hitting viruses come out to play in the winter can leave our immune systems overwhelmed.  So when flu opens the door, other viruses / bacterial infections and fungus  can take advantage!

Swine flu is a different beast to our usual range of winter influenza viruses, which is why it is such a worry. The swine flu was renamed H1N1 to more accurately describe its chemical make-up (the H and N relate to the viruses protein structure) and […]

Don’t let you little ones bring head lice home….

Want to get rid of head lice the natural way? Tea Tree Oil is the answer, but why?