Christmas can bring many joyful thing together, think families, choir’s, communities, department stores and credit cards, the list is endless. But one thing that Christmas may not bring together are ones legs (and I am not referring to the office party or to Tiger woods 12 days of Christmas style antics here).  What I am talking about is Tree Trunk Legitis!

Being an immigrant to this wonderful 24/7 party country that they call “Australia” has its challenges – mostly for my UK remaining family. If they want to see us at Christmas they have to hop on a plane and fly for approx 24 hours before squashing into our car for the hour-long drive from the airport. That, plus heat, plus the inevitable bottomless round of drinks, chocolates and party pies can leave one feeling anything but gazell-esque.  Tree Trunk legs reign supreme in our house at Christmas!

Can I get a cream for that?

Swelling (Oedema) can have numerous causes including Pregnancy, water-retention, deep vein thrombosis and trauma and so before one reaches for the solution, the problem must be identified!  For my weary travelling friends and family the cause is most likely the body trying to work out which way up it is after a long and cramped journey culminating in over-indulgence.  If this sounds like you then read on!


Good ingredients to look out for are actives such as

Green Tea (which works due to the caffeine content)
Arnica (good at reducing swelling and bruising)
Alga and Seaweed extracts (such as L’Oreals Biotherm)
Lotus Flower (such as Pro-Sveltyl)

While these actives all come from different plant species they all have the ability to increase blood flow to the skin and improving micro-circulation.  Cosmetic creams will not be able to “cure” puffy legs but they […]