This morning many of us (in Australia) would have been chomping down on our corn flakes while watching the piece about the 515 chemicals that us women douse ourselves in each day in the name of beauty.  Fact? Possibly, so what is the problem?  Let me give you just the first five of my 515 reasons why women need to stop reading rubbish.

1)  Who funded the segment. Why?  Because if it was meant as a “news” item I would love to see the balanced and fair journalism stats. If not, we need to know who and why so that we can work out how to act.

2) If all of these chemicals are putting us at harm can the health minister  and the cosmetics industry “please explain”.

3)  How do you think we all feel now after hearing that our shimmer body lotion may give us cancer and our “Eau De Beauty” body spray will deform our developing offspring?  Can you dish out the phone number for the mental health clinic while you are at it please?

4) Stating that a chemical that is in your body lotion is ALSO IN OVEN CLEANER is pointless.  It is like saying Glycerine is ALSO FOUND IN   epoxy resin.  Chemicals have thousands of uses and are refined and manufactured according to their end market.

5) Parabens are going to kill us?   Based on the column inches that parabens receive I could surmise that parabens worry more people  than global warming.   Parabens do have a slight estrogenic effects but so do some foods (including Soy and some fruit and veggies). They  have been scientifically proven to be have no adverse effect on the body.   However,  the cosmetics industry has taken notice and it is now easy to find paraben free cosmetics.

So, do I believe that the chemicals in your […]