Why Not Vote For Fun Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is decision day in Australia, a day where we will all hop out of bed early in a celebration of democracy, freedom and fine-avoidance.  Yes, it is the general election and my advice is to get the official voting over and done with as quickly as you can so that you can get down to some serious business.

The deal is this, the guys at NADS are running a competition to find the sexiest legs in the history of anthropology and I think that it is about time that we showed them what we’ve got, naturally of course!

There are good and bad ways of removing hairs from our lovely bodies as I discovered the other night when I tried shaving my legs in the dark. Suffice to say we ended up with a thin trail of blood over the hallway carpet  AND patchy legs to boot, not good.  A more sensible option would have been for me to A) turn on the light, B) not bother (except that I actually like smooth legs) or C) opt for professional help.  Now I’m not the kind of person that likes to outsource my personal business so I went searching for something safe, sassy and a little more sensible than my chain saw massacre episode.  Time for wax strips.

People have been removing hairs with hot sticky stuff for centuries. I have talked about sugaring before on this blog and recommend it as a great all-natural way to de-hair self-sufficiently. However,  home sugaring does have its down side as it can be messy, hard to get the temperature right (too hot and you either turn the sugar to caramel or burn yourself, too cool and it doesn’t stick enough) and tricky to apply so […]

Sugar away the fuzz? Sweeeeet.

Now I am not for one second saying that we should, that we simply must, that we could not possibly live without removing our leg /armpit/ facial  or (ouch) bikini hair BUT I, like many of my friends do opt for the hair free (well, in some places) look and feel.  Why? I don’t know but I do feel better for talking a bit of time out to prune and preen so to speak!

Anyway I will get to the point. Last week during one of my watershed sessions one of the workshop participants mentioned that on a trip around India she had been amazed at the simplicity of peoples personal hygiene  routines. She had observed women using a honey solution and rags to take away unwanted body hair. The honey solution can be just washed away, no problem and the rags can be washed and re-used. That sounded like a plan to me – a low impact, low cost and somewhat fun plan. I had heard of sugaring before but had never really looked into it properly. Until now!

Using a sugary solution to prize hair out of their roots was the method of choice in Egypt and across the middle east. Basically a solution of sugar (from honey originally) in water and lemon juice is heated up until it reduces enough to form a gummy, caramelized solution.  If using granulated sugar the sugar/ water mix must be stirred until all of the sugar crystals are dissolved, with honey mix until the honey becomes thin and homogenous.  I am not sure what the lemon juice is for – lemons are mildly acidic which actually helps to close hair cuticles – in this case I can […]