For a while I believed that my reluctance to want to belong to any particular religion (or non-religion even – never liked the term atheist…..) was the result of late-onset teenage rebellion. It’s not like I’ve never made an effort to understand any of these rule-laden, guided and spelled-out clans it’s just that they all, without fail wind me up and leave me with more questions along the lines of “what’s the point’, ‘and how is that better/ different to what I’m saying” or ‘but why would YOUR God not like people because of X, Y or Z”.

To me the detail just seems too un-natural, too formulated and too out-sourced.

After thinking, reading, researching, talking and listening to anyone and anything that looked like it might have an answer over the last couple of years I think I’ve at least come to accept and understand what makes me tick spiritually. I’m not saying it’s right and I’m definitely not saying that anyone else is wrong but what I am saying is that this works for me and as such I am convinced that with this understanding in mind I will go on to grow and love and share more than I would have been otherwise able.

So, my thing is ‘un-branded (or umbrella if it is particularly wet) spirituality and by the way, I don’t actually call it that either but I can’t call this post ‘_______’ as that isn’t practical. This probably isn’t any different to many other people (I never set out to be unique) but in my case the underlying philosophy is a dislike for name tags.

I have always felt that in some cases giving something a […]