During In Cosmetics Europe 2011 speaker Sybille Buchwald-Werner from Vital Solutions  confirmed that Roobois is one of the key natural extracts used in South African skin care which begs the question ‘what on earth is it?’

Roobois actually means ‘red bush’  (it has a scientific name of Aspalathus linearis) and it is grown in the Western Cape area of South Africa.  Most often the leaves of the bush are oxidised  using temperature and humidity to control the process. This deepens the redness of the leaves and gives the resulting tea its characteristic taste and smell.

Skin wise Roobois has been shown to improve dry and itchy skin conditions and skin infections both through its drinking and through topical application and while evidence is still patchy as to how it does this, the high flavonoid concentration is thought to be a key factor.

The tea extract also has a gentle antibacterial action and contains many trace minerals and vitamins which have some skin benefits.

Don’t you just love tea?