When I got asked last year if it was OK to crush up vitamin C tablets and rub them into your face via your moisturiser I thought it was a rubbish idea. I mean,  the vitamin C  in these tablets has been specifically formulated for good ingestion rather than good skin-absorption and although some of the chemical names are the same, the presentation of these actives can be very different. Therefore I advised against doing this. 

However, it seems that the desire to get vitamin C into the skin THROUGH the skin has not gone away (and nore should it).   Further, it is not enough to just get your ‘C’ dose in a normal anti-ageing moisturiser or serum, you want it NEAT. You want it brought to you as a little white powder and you want it to look all “sciency”.  Well,  in that case you will be wanting to try this by Dr Sebagh: 


It is not easy to get Vitamin C into a powdered format that will deliver skin benefits. Vitamin C is notoriously hard to work with as it breaks down (Oxidises) in air, with light and in water.  However, cosmetic chemists are always up for a challenge and so it wasn’t long before those problems had been overcome, patented and launched onto the market. 

The above Dr Sebagh product uses a patented blend of ingredients to protect the Vitamin C from environmental degradation. These ingredients include  a silica silyate powder – this is a hydrophobic (water hating) thickener,  Sodium ascorbyl phosphate for skin lightning and for its anti-oxidant properties, Nylon 6/12 used as a film former and absorbent agent,  Xylitol – an artificial sweetener that  has humectant properties (it can suck water into it), water and a couple of preservatives.  Basically the product can be re-wetted in […]