It is known as the ‘Social Network’ , the place where friendships are re kindled (or re-united…. hang on wasn’t that another one, blink and you miss it), the online space that brings meaning, status and power to millions (how many friends do YOU have). It makes us feel important like never before and allows us to create our own ‘alternative reality’ if we so wish. The dull, boring wallflower personality becomes the life and soul of the social network party, the boffins becomes the fool and Miss ‘I can’t pay my rent’ is suddenly rolling in virtual bling. All with the click of a button….

And that is what interests me, a person of discrete nosiness who is more interested in the thoughts in your head than the size of your house, the number of kids/ holidays / bank accounts you have or your relationship status.  Translate this into the world of facebook and, if I am totally honest I am interested in the way that you market yourself .  Your brand,  your online persona. For me, Facebook would have to be the most valuable of windows into our collective  consciousness if indeed we are conscious when we use it……

Anyway, the inspiration for this post originates in the film ‘The Social Network’ that I was lucky enough to see on the way home from my much needed and long-awaited trip to Blighty.  The film follows the story of Mark Zuckerberg, an almost ‘Rain man’ type of character who, while gifted with amazing computer programming powers struggles with even the simplest of social etiquette and charm.  How fitting for a site such as this.

Desperate to succeed in life the teenage Mark, a student at Harvard becomes obsessed with the idea that gaining entry into one […]