As a cosmetic chemist working with a wide range of brand owners and product developers I can smell the difference a mile off now but that wasn’t always the case.  In the early days I’d bash my head against the wall frequently when, through just doing my job I was confronted with responses ranging from  a vacant ‘not for my baby’ stare to a fearsome roar of ‘how dare you tell me that this isn’t working’.  I try not to make a point of ripping people’s brands to shreds – its one of the reasons I don’t blog about every new product or attend every glossy launch.  However, when you pay me for a review, review is exactly what I do with my business not baby hat on thank you very much.

Now before you feel the need to cry out ‘but I sweated blood over this’ I know and I sympathise with the baby analogy, indeed Realize Beauty was my baby for a while there (and a little part of me will never let that go and nor should it) but there does come a time when you have to sit back and re-assess, allowing your ‘baby’ to grow up.

You can build a brand from two start-up perspectives – my brand is a vehicle to make me money OR my brand is an extension of who I am and I love it.  Both exist and both are fine at that point.  If you brand exists to make money then you do your market research thoroughly, identify a clear niche, work out how to fill it as effectively as possible then roll out the marketing bandwagon.  If your brand is an extension of yourself you […]