This old skin of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

Well maybe not ‘shine’ in the literal sense but well, you know what I mean…..

Whether we like it or not growing younger is the stuff of fantasies and while we can turn back the clock somewhat with our arsenal of modern interventions there is some truth to this idea:

At 25 we have the skin we were born with.

At 45 our skin reflects our lifestyle.

At 70 we wear the skin we have earned.

So what does that mean?

Well firstly I want to re-frame what I am talking about as our ‘skin’ being a dynamic and ever-renewing thing is never really that old, shedding fully every 28 days or so.  What I am talking about is our skin producing cells, their health and their vigour.

Unless we have an illness, trauma or genetic condition our skin functions like a well tuned sports car throughout our younger years.  Wounds heal,  environmental damage is mopped up and repaired, the barrier (our outer defence) is strong and ready and its appearance is smooth, taught and vibrant.  This flush of youth generally sees us into our early or even late twenties despite relentless wear, tear, abuse and mis-management but by the time the clock ticks over to 30 things are starting to change.

I remember turning 30, looking in the mirror and going ‘yay for me’ as by that time my acne had finally started to calm and my skin was yet to show any outer signs of ageing despite my aforementioned spottiness plus my pallor (the sun and me aren’t good friends), eczema and general itchiness.  Little did I know that my smugness would be limited and that the winds of change were just around the corner.

Now at nearly 40 (38 actually) […]

Skinn for Men.

I found this brand at the Beauty Expo last year and liked the sound of it so much that I bought one of the Skinn Pure Indulgence gift packs to give to my husband to try.  I didn’t have high expectations that he’d use it mind you and that’s not because he is not interested, it’s just that like most of us he tends to just stick to the same old same old.

Anyway, this brand was different and although it has taken 11 months to get through said ‘indulgence pack’ he loved it and is wanting more.

So, what is it about Skinn?

The formulations are very light weight and don’t really feel like you have anything on at all which is great for those men who are not accustomed to putting on the slap every day.  I often remember back to the day when I started to wear foundation religiously and remember it being a bit like other things that as a kid you wait impatiently for, counting down the days in excited anticipation only to find that it’s all actually a bit rubbish (well, for a start anyway).   My first experiences with foundation were like that, my skin felt dirty, congested and I felt silly and in general that isn’t something that anyone wants from their skin care and while as teenagers we will suffer the pain for the gain, as adults we mostly just can’t be bothered.

I doubt that my husband really cares that it has hyaluronic acid and beta glucan in the product but I can vouch for the fact that he loves the way that his skin has felt softer, been less prone to peeling and redness and has generally […]

The New Face of Olay Regenerist Rebecca Gibney

What do you get when you mix a global skin care range with the most talented, beautiful Australian woman?
The new Face Of Olay Regenerist ….. Rebecca Gibney!

 …and what a perfect partnership! Rebecca believes in a skincare regime that consits of moisturising and ensuring that “make-up is removed before [I] go to bed”. Asked what her favourite Olay product was, Rebecca Gibney replied “Olay Regenerist – Micro-Sculpting Serum .. this works .. hand on my heart! It firms my skin and I’m getting comments from the make-up of Packed to the Rafters on how my skin is glowing!”
Rebecca believes in the ingredients and the claims that they make. The pentapeptide technology is what the regenerist range is based on.
What does this mean in laymen terms …. Peptides are a type of protein that have been synthetically produced. They are made from amino acid and pentapeptide means that there are 5 amino acid chains. What this ingredient does to the skin is basically stimulate collagen in the skin and makes the skin feel like it’s had a type of “Botox” to it.

 So Melinda & I made our way down to the launch of this in this city on Wednesday 6th July. I must say that It was a very pleasant surprise to see Rebecca. I’m glad they didn’t choose some 20 year old face as this just wouldn’t fit …right? Finally !!! a real woman with real ageing issues using real products. Rebecca says that she doesn’t want to remove her ageing … just slow it down. She likes her wrinkles, but using this range does indeed help decrease wrinkles and makes your skin feel and look much younger.
  This is me & Mel!!!
For more […]

Are you Proactiv?

Proactiv wasn’t around when I was a teenager, had it been I may well have tried it as I spent almost ten years with a face full of ‘issues’ and by the time I had reached 17 I had bought, tried and given up on almost everything.   I was put on antibiotics at age 14 and with that not working was on the pill shortly after with limited success.  By the age of 17  my body had a meltdown and I ended up with liver failure due to a reaction to my mediation and with my face looking nothing like the spot-free celebrities in my Just 17 I felt like a failure.   So is this range offering anything new?

I think it is important to state first off that there are spots and there is acne. Acne is a medical condition which involves the presence of white heads, blackheads and pustules (spots).   These spots are sometimes given other names by dermatologists and doctors but anyone with them will know what we’re on about!   Often Acne sufferers also have a general reddening and irritation to un-blemished skin which can be even more distressing to sufferers as it is difficult to cover up, can be itchy, scaly or feel tight and as such causes much discomfort.  On the other hand you have spots which are by no means the poor relation when it comes to denting your self-esteem but are generally more discreet and less persistent than acne and are therefore easier to treat.   While Proactiv may be useful for acne sufferers it has been designed to help manage pimples and spots so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work for you.

The Science.

The Proactiv range that I received for testing […]

Boy Zone @ Aldi. Eye cream, Duo Lift & Intensive Q10

Aldi has been a long-term favourite of mine for providing good choice, low prices and a rather interesting selection of specials and no, I haven’t been paid to say this I just like it.  So, whenever I pop in I make time to look through the personal care section to see if anything catches my eye.

This week it was the Lacura men range that grabbed me – could it have been the sophisticated and rather stylish packaging or the thrill of discovering some new ingredients?  Nope it was the fact that the products were very cheap –  at $5 for an EYE GEL I wasn’t planning to share this purchase, I was planning to keep it for myself.

So, let’s have a look at what’s inside….

Moisturising Eye Cream.

My first reaction to this product was ‘would a man USE an eye gel?’   Sexist…. me?? I have to admit that I did feel a little disappointed in myself for reinforcing a stereotype but when I came home and asked Mr Bling (the other half) if he wanted to try it he asked ‘what for’ and then started putting it on his upper eye lids  rather than on the bag area.  Asked if he would buy it he said ‘no but you could put it on me if you like’…….  Now, while a one man trial doesn’t count for much as far as market research goes I let myself off the hook for my initial response. 

So, having established that this product would have to come with a Haynes manual I got down to some testing while checking out the ingredients.  The cream is light, quick-breaking (which means the emulsion doesn’t soap at all and breaks down easily when rubbed in) and non-greasy – all good […]

Market Research – La Mav Active Organics. $150 prizes to be won

Good morning everyone,

Today we are helping  the fabulous La Mav brand carry out some market research by asking YOU about toners!   La Mav Organics is jam-packed with active botanicals, vitamins and anti-oxidants  for a face full of goodness every day.

Answer the poll below and leave your details to be in the running to win $150 worth of La Mav Skin care and we think that is well worth a minute of your time.

Have fun and fingers crossed that you become a winner with La Mav Organic Skincare.
La Mav also have a facebook page and would be delighted if you would join them there. 

Enjoy your day and good luck with the competition.

PS: This content has been sponsored by the brand owner.

Sleeping your way to a great complexion? It’s a fair cop (per).

It might sound a bit dodgy but it is true,  forget (well, not completely) those potions, lotions, creams and washes, all you need for a beautiful face full of youthfulness is a good pillow. 

About a month ago I was approached by a company called Cupron to look over their copper infused anti-bacterial and line-reducing  beauty pillowcases, socks, gloves and eye masks and I have to say I was really excited!  Having never tried anything like this before I was intrigued and told them to BRING IT ON and about a week later, the testing started.

So what AM I talking about?

US company Cupron has taken the world of high-performance textiles by storm with its copper infused technology to allow the production of woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics at a very reasonable price.  Copper is well-known for its broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties, a feature that was made use of well before anyone even knew that mini-bugs existed (copper and its alloy brass were used to carry water in ancient Greece and Egypt).   The metal has a very low toxicity both for humans and in the environment plus these copper-infused products can be used and washed time and time again without loosing efficacy. 
So, for those looking for ‘green’ and sustainable cosmetics, a Cupron pillow is a must have item.
You may well be thinking that it all sounds interesting but can a metal pillow case be comfortable?  Well, the answer is YES.  The material and metal are woven or bound together during manufacturing so all you end up with is a  beautifully soft pillow slip that feels blissfully silky against the skin. 

So now onto the good bit…… Does it work?  Well as I have mentioned before copper has a long history of […]

Say balls to high end skin care.

This week I have mostly been reading about fullerenes – a newish cosmetic active that is causing a bit of controversy, that is if you read the Sydney Morning Herald  so I guess you may want to find out what all of the fuss is about?  Well, it’s all about balls……. 

But first a few factoids! 

A fullerene is an allotrope of carbon and an allotrope is the name for the shape that is formed when lots of one element join together. Carbon forms a few allotropes including the sparkly diamond, the boring old graphite  sheets and the rather splendid fullerene which is like a microscopic hollow  football. 

As the word ‘fullerene’ refers to a whole ‘family’ of chemicals we need to get a bit more information in order to work out how good these things are for cosmetics.  In the article mentioned by the Herald the fullerene was a C60 arrangement made by a company called Vitamin C60 in Japan – hooray! 

Finally although these balls look quite big in reality they are teeny tiny and fall under the ‘nanoparticle’ definition – nanoparticle just means they are very small particles so don’t go pinning any false hopes or fears just yet! 

OK, so now we can investigate what these things may do. 

The C60 fullerene produced by Vitamin C60 has been produced and refined specifically for cosmetic use and has been found to act as a super powerful free-radical sponge.  It does this by breaking some of its double bonds and extending an arm (and electron) to any random radicals (excited particles) that they find speeding around our skin cells and according to research it is brilliant at it!  Mopping up free-radicals is a great anti-ageing strategy as it is these that damage cells like little toxic time bombs. In addition to […]

Tea Tree and it’s amazing tumor shrinking power

Research out of the  University of Western Australia showed Tea Tree oil to be effective in inhibiting the growth of tumours under the skin  in mice. This fascinating discovery  was reported to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation who hope that this study will lead to a treatment for various  types of skin cancer.
During the study a notable shrinkage in the tumors was observed in the mice treated with a tea tree oil formulation applied directly to the skin. Previous research into the anti-cancer activity of tea tree oil has been limited to in-vitro testing which has proved useful but not necessary applicable to real-life situations. This study gives researchers hope that an all-natural treatment based on tea tree may not only be possible but may be deliverable transdermally.
This study represents the first  breakthrough in a series of research steps that will hopefully take this all-Australian product into mainstream medicine, you can read more here.  If you are inspired to get busy with this good oil may I recommend my friends at New Directions, their online shop is always well stocked.

Take care and play friendly.

Acerola – Packing A Cherryfull Punch

Everybody knows that cosmetics don’t just make you look good, they also make you feel great and nothing says passion, vitality and abundance quite like  the colour red with its bold “look-at-me” confidence and its warm and juicy personality.  So when you are looking for a cosmetic range that makes you feel as good as you are going to look, it pays to see life as a bowl of fresh red cherries!

Prepare to get your juice on as you indulge your senses in cherry power!

In the world of cherries the Acerola reigns supreme thanks to a vitamin C content some thirty-two times higher than orange juice and another 15 skin-friendly antioxidants to nurture your skin back to health. So, if you are looking for some anti-ageing inspiration why not take a seat and prepare for some face food loving.

Vitamin C is the key ‘active’ within the Acerola and the fact that it is present in a mega-concentrated dose is great news for anti-ageing fans. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which means that it can mop up free radicals and boost the skins healing capacity – it also boosts collagen production which is why it is a must-add ingredient in any cosmaceutical cream or serum.   The only down side with this vitamin is the fact that it is very sensitive to heat, light and air, breaking down very quickly to less potent dehydroascorbic acid which has a far lower bio-activity – the formulator has to work smart to maintain efficacy.

In addition to the vitamin C boost the Acerola also contains a hefty dose of polyphenols which also help to clean up free radicals and we must not forget the Vitamin E – great for skin repair plus the trace minerals which help to […]