Sometimes the most natural and simple things in life, the things that we take for granted are the most challenging  and it’s for that reason that I fell in love with this film. I, like most others around me have a tendency to seek adventure, chaos and ‘life lessons’ far, far away from the daily grind. We ‘find ourselves’ in yoga, meditation or philosophy rather than in caring and nurturing our close relationships. And while there is nothing wrong with doing any of these things, I think that we have a tendency to commoditize some of lifes magic while celebrating the transient and ‘frilly bits’  IN the middle of all that, this film – Mother and Child brings us down to earth and a heady mix of  heartbreak, joy, sadness and hope.  The message?  Motherhood – it’s complex but it makes sense (and it pays to note that one does not have to ‘give birth’  to or even ‘mother’ a child full-time to feel it.

The film centres around the stories of three women who are grappling with life and the things it has thrown up. The  first is fifty year old Karen played to perfection by Anette Benning. She is a difficult woman who is struggling with the pressure of looking after her elderly mother while dealing with the depression and loss she feels over giving up her baby daughter for adoption when she was just 14 years old.  The second, Elizabeth played by Naomi   Watts is a secretive and emotionally fragile individual who manages her emotional scars by being over-controlling, dominating and distant. Elizabeth is a successful lawyer who’s veneer starts to crack when she starts an affair with her new boss. The third woman Lucy […]