So when I woke up and saw this in my newspaper this morning instead of getting all excited and hugging my corn flake bowl I rolled my eyes.

This is of course a potentially revolutionary scientific breakthrough that could change if not save the lives of millions and for that I am truly excited but this will not make a dent on the rates of skin cancer if people unplug their brains and that’s what concerns me.

Professor Ian Frazer revolutionised the cervical cancer world when he proved that the human papilloma virus as a major cause of this disease.  After many years of research a vaccine was developed, trialled and rolled out to all young girls as a preventional measure.  So is cervical cancer a thing of the past?  No.  While this is one of the major risk factors it is not the only one. Medicine and our health is not always that simple.

So it turns out that the same may be true with this skin cancer vaccine.  Professor Frazer’s theory is that the HPV (wart) virus becomes embedded into some people’s skin where it then poses as a cancer risk.  If this virus can  be treated, the skin cancer risk can be reduced.  Neat and very, very useful if it works.

But there is a catch.

That burning ball of radiation that we all love to worship is, quite frankly, too much for some of us less melanin endowed individuals. As such, vaccinated or not, we will still burn and damage our precious lily-white assets if we choose to ignore the biological signs that we are cooking ourselves silly.

As you can see, this newspaper chose to run the story about the vaccine next to an interview with two light-skinned, young, sun-loving sisters who were […]