At Realize Beauty we LOVE writing but writing the blog is not the main way we make our money.  Much of what we do goes on behind the scenes for our private consulting clients.  We can often be found tucked up at our secret Laboratory where we mix up our beauty potions and test out all of those fab ingredients that you hear about.  Alternatively we could be hosting a highly confidential product briefing session with our clients, tucked  into  a darkened, sound-proofed corner of a coffee shop as we hatch new product development plans while slurping away.  But it’s not all secret stuff, we sometimes take centre stage as we help our clients customers understand what it is that makes their range special, we present our research and ideas at conferences and we facilitate training courses for cosmetic industry teams.  It’s always varied and definitely interesting.

So why not give us a try?

We work with all sorts of clients wanting to make all sorts of dreams come true!  Our smallest are hobbiests looking for starter formulations or a bit of advice on how to get a product to market and are largest are the multinationals wanting local market knowledge and someone who’s on hand to answer the questions of the local media.  But they all have one thing in common. The need to understand and be understood in this exciting, fast-paced but technically challenging industry and luckily that’s what we love doing.

This year we are excited to be promoting some new services to our offering.  We carry out stability testing from the New Directions Australia facility and clients can book this testing in online at their webstore.  Secondly and by popular demand we are […]