Harmonis Kiss Organic Deodorant Review

The Harmonies Kiss deodorant is easy and gentle to put on young skin. I have trialled the deodorant and have really liked it and would recommend it to any young girls. The deodorant is very light and smooth as you put it on, and the smell is very catchy as it is Aloe Vera and Lime.

The packaging is very beautiful and makes you want to try the product which is very important.
The deodorant does not wear off even when you are playing sport and leaves a sweet smell.
This product is very good because we all need deodorant.

Written by Megan Hill age 10.

Child’s Play – Naturally Clean

I’m a new mum and have a son Luke, who is now 5 months old. While I’m shopping, I find myself lately looking at the back of packaging to see what the products are made of (or what’s not in them)… sulfates, YES. Parabens, NO. Fragrance YES, chemicals NO! …..

As a chemist, I have to giggle when I see the words “Natural”, “Organic” and especially “Chemical Free”, as my definition of these words are vastly different to the creators or marketers of these brands, but this is a conversation for another Blog!

What I do love however, and support totally is the philosophy or “story” behind many of these brands. Everyday mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc, using children and nature as the inspiration of many new and exciting skin care brands.

What I appreciate even more, especially because I’m a cosmetic chemist, is the difficulty in creating products that are totally “Certified Organic” and developing them to look, feel and smell appealing.

One particular brand that has achieved this successfully is “LITTLE INNOSCENTS”. What a great name, great colours and “scents” to match… The green Hair & Body Wash Liquid was my favourite. It smelt so refreshing and Luke didn’t mind it either!

So their philosophy is to provide a totally 100% certified organic skin care range for babies and toddlers, especially if they have sensitive and problem skin. This range claims Hypo-allergenic and “suitable for even the most sensitive skin types”, however I didn’t really see anywhere on the product or the website that the products were professionally tested on sensitive skin. The range does have a fun look and minimal ingredients, which I am a BIG fan of!
Beware …. Some essential oils, although “natural”, […]

Carbon Neutral Shampoo?

Today was the first day that I’d seen this on a shampoo in Coles (Australian supermarket chain):

This product was certified by the Carbon Reduction Company under the No Co2 logo which means that you, the product purchaser can have some confidence that this shampoo has been created with the environment in mind.

So what does this mean exactly?

Well, the process of calculating a products greenhouse gas emissions is quite complex and there has been much discussion about who should take responsibility for what and at what point the calculations should be attributed to a particular product or company.   The decision taken by this certifying body was to reference a number of different accounting  protocols laid out by bodies such as the CSIRO,  the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Standard 14064.1.

In a nutshell this means that the company and its processes are audited by an accredited  third-party to make sure that they are implementing business practices that reduce environmental impacts.  This could be through making products via a cold rather than a hot process, using locally sourced ingredients, using recycled packaging, encouraging employees to cycle or use public transport to get to work, work from home policies and much more.

Once the greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated, the company involved must offset that gap financially – a sort of carbon tax.  This money goes into the development of environmentally friendly schemes that will benefit everyone in the long-term – alternative energy sources, tree planting, education or other government, NGO and private enterprise endeavours.

If you want to find out what Australian Organics have been doing to earn their logo just take a look at their website. 

My opinion on this sort […]

Market Research – La Mav Active Organics. $150 prizes to be won

Good morning everyone,

Today we are helping  the fabulous La Mav brand carry out some market research by asking YOU about toners!   La Mav Organics is jam-packed with active botanicals, vitamins and anti-oxidants  for a face full of goodness every day.

Answer the poll below and leave your details to be in the running to win $150 worth of La Mav Skin care and we think that is well worth a minute of your time.

Have fun and fingers crossed that you become a winner with La Mav Organic Skincare.
La Mav also have a facebook page and would be delighted if you would join them there. 

Enjoy your day and good luck with the competition.

PS: This content has been sponsored by the brand owner.

Halal Cosmetics – One Pure Answer

As many of you will know I have been following the rise of the Halal market for some time and it is now my pleasure to share with you some insights from one of this exciting market’s trail blazers, hello Layla Mandi founder of One Pure!

During my research I have received mixed responses to the question “would you seek out Halal cosmetics” from Australia’s muslim community. It seems that our laid back and easy-going nature extends to our religious observance but that may well be about to change.  Certified Halal is a new thing in the cosmetics arena and that is part of the ‘problem’ if you want to call it that. Many of the muslim’s that I surveyed were unsure as to the benefits that this type of certification could offer while others simply weren’t bothered.  However,  a handful of respondents were really excited at the thought of being able to buy cosmetics as easily as they can buy food and for that reason I want to know more!

So what exactly is a Halal Cosmetic?

I would say halal certified cosmetics gives muslims certainty the products they use do not contain any ingredients which would conflict with their beliefs *

Q) What has been the main challenges that you have faced in putting OnePure together both in terms of sourcing ingredients and in terms of marketing? 

Sourcing the ingredients were not a massive problem because Malaysia has an established halal beauty industry and so I sourced from there. The marketing has been really interesting. I have focused on keeping an educational aspect to my marketing because of the lack of global awareness on the halal beauty industry  but I also wanted it to be luxury so sometimes […]

The Quest For Colour, Naturally.

One of the cosmetic  industry newsletters that I write for recently ran an online poll asking readers if they think that mineral make-ups should be considered natural when these formulations typically contain minerals of synthetic origin. The results were quite surprising considering the number of ‘natural’ minerals around – 80% of the 120 respondents said NO. Interesting!

So why did we get this result and if the majority of the industry (surveyed) don’t agree with the ‘natural’ claim then why are they using it??? So many questions and so little time!  I guess that the best thing to do is to check out what was said and go from there.

Here is the link to the poll which was ran by Special Chemicals For Cosmetics. A global publication for the Cosmetics Industry.


I was surprised to learn that in America the use of natural colourant materials is prohibited by law. Apparently this has something to do with the fact that natural pigments can be contaminated with heavy metals, can be of varying quality and are more expensive.   However in Europe the law is different and natural pigments such as Iron Oxides can be used in cosmetic products as long as they meet the specifications for safety.   Here in Australia we tend to follow the European regulations but also have NICNAS – a government body that regulates the chemicals that come into the country. As far as colours go, we are allowed to use the stuff that’s on the European list.


This is more tricky, most countries have something like the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) that regulates what people say about products but […]

La Mav – Organic Just got Hi-Tech!

All too often choosing Organic means choosing your environmental principles over your skin-ambitions as many high-tec actives don’t  meet certification requirements. However, after much blood, sweat and philosophising  Dr Tarj Mavi has come up with a plan to treat you, the  organic loving public to a feast of anti-ageing solutions.

She has called this vision of scientific beauty: La Mav and she’s hungry to share it with you!

That all sounds rather fantastic but being a sucker for personal stories I really wanted to know what motivates a perfectly sane and successful scientist to enter the lions den that is the cosmetics industry.  So, I asked her!

An Interview With Dr Tarj Mavi (conducted via e-mail).
Part 1:  Development and Brand Philosophy.
Q) You have a science background, at what point did you decide to take the steps to develop your own range? 

It was following the birth of my second child Alex in 1994 and I’d developed a severe case of postpartum pigmentation. I searched everywhere to find a skincare product that would diminish it. However finding a product that was safe, healthy and effective especially since I was still breast feeding proved hard to find. As a scientist in the research and development field for the last twenty years I was already conscious of the cosmetic industry’s affect on our environment and health. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and many of the products we use on our skin contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It is not just us who absorb in these toxins but our children who can suffer the effects of exposure through contact.

I wanted to take my knowledge and experience and create a skin care […]

France Challenges “Free-From” Labelling Claims

The Realize Beauty team have never been fans of the way companies band about their ‘free-from’ label claims. This is because:

We think that what is in a product is more important than what is not.
The word “nasty” or “toxic” are often used in association with the “free-from” statement in order to shock and worry you. 
Much of the science used to decide to ‘leave out’ many of these chemicals is patchy at best.
This claim has been unregulated in the past leaving it open to interpretation.

Don’t get us wrong here, we are all for YOU, the public receiving more information about your cosmetic recipes and we love it when cosmetic companies are able to give YOU cleaner, greener and less-irritating products. What we don’t like is scare-tactic marketing and the spreading of inaccurate and worrying science.  That is why we welcome the moves that France are now taking.

The recommendations have been put forward by the ARPP (Autorite de Regulation Professionelle de la Publicite) who regulate the countries advertising and cover the use of the terms “Organic”, “Free-From” and “Natural”.

More information on this story can be read here.

Synthesis 345 – Alchymie Anti-Ageing.

I was delighted to hear that one of our Realize Beauty club members had launched a new brand and even more delighted to recieve a sample through the post! It’s always great to see what you are all up to.

Anyway, this brand has a big story to tell.

Synthesis 345 takes its name from the cosmology of the Ancient Egyptian Mystics with 3, 4 and 5 being the sides of the right angle triangle – the secret of all measure.  The pyramids were built to house the imortal spirit in the same way that the body plays host during life.

Alchymie is an ancient art involved in the transmutation of matter with the greatest alchymie revolving around love or “life-force”.  Synthesis 345 blends these two traditions together in a way that matches the requirements of today’s skincare.

So, what is it that will bring us this purity, integrity and love?

I tried out the First Love Regenerative Elixir and have to say that the smell was divine. The essence of rose hits you as soon as you open the pack and it lingers just enough to calm and re-energise you throughout the day. The rose is beautifully supported by the Sandalwood base notes of the blend (Sandalwood is used topically in Aromatherapy for its great skin balancing properties)  and by the quiet achiever Agonis Fragrans (Fragronia).

Fragronia Oil is a new Australian native oil extracted by steam distillation from the Agonis Fragrans shrub of Western Australia.  It was first brought to the market in 2008 and is yet to have a full set of technical data behind it. However chemical studies have found it to have significant antimicrobial  and anti-inflamatory activity properties which make it very interesting cosmetically.

So why is […]

Absolution – Award Winning Organics

Every year French magazine Beyond Beauty holds an awards night to honor innovative, niche new brands who have something truly different to offer. This year the top prize (announced on Monday) went to French brand Absolution for their unisex adaptable organic skincare.  The range certainly looks appealing with its arty, airless pump design packs and the ethics seem to stack up too! The brand is customizable to suit your mood via the addition of vials of fragrant natural extracts. A cute idea that cuts down the need for hundreds of variations on the theme and allows the individual to cut down on their purchasing requirements.  All good for sustainability.

I do like the way that this company have been totally upfront with the way that they have classified their products. While they are certified organic, the company does explain that not all of their ingredients meet the organic criteria (this is perfectly legitimate). They also list all of the ingredients in their products on the website (which not all brands do) and pack their products in a way to reduce the need for heavy preservation. Because these products are made in Europe they have to comply to fragrance regulations that mean the known irritant constituents of essential oils (such as linalool) have to be listed – pretty helpful and sure to flow on to the rest of the world soon!

I haven’t tried this product and so can’t really comment on its ability to do the job, how it feels or how well it has been put together. However, looking at the history of the Beyond Beauty awards and the information on their web site one can only assume that the brand will go far but […]