The New Face of Olay Regenerist Rebecca Gibney

What do you get when you mix a global skin care range with the most talented, beautiful Australian woman?
The new Face Of Olay Regenerist ….. Rebecca Gibney!

 …and what a perfect partnership! Rebecca believes in a skincare regime that consits of moisturising and ensuring that “make-up is removed before [I] go to bed”. Asked what her favourite Olay product was, Rebecca Gibney replied “Olay Regenerist – Micro-Sculpting Serum .. this works .. hand on my heart! It firms my skin and I’m getting comments from the make-up of Packed to the Rafters on how my skin is glowing!”
Rebecca believes in the ingredients and the claims that they make. The pentapeptide technology is what the regenerist range is based on.
What does this mean in laymen terms …. Peptides are a type of protein that have been synthetically produced. They are made from amino acid and pentapeptide means that there are 5 amino acid chains. What this ingredient does to the skin is basically stimulate collagen in the skin and makes the skin feel like it’s had a type of “Botox” to it.

 So Melinda & I made our way down to the launch of this in this city on Wednesday 6th July. I must say that It was a very pleasant surprise to see Rebecca. I’m glad they didn’t choose some 20 year old face as this just wouldn’t fit …right? Finally !!! a real woman with real ageing issues using real products. Rebecca says that she doesn’t want to remove her ageing … just slow it down. She likes her wrinkles, but using this range does indeed help decrease wrinkles and makes your skin feel and look much younger.
  This is me & Mel!!!
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So this is the new product from the world of Olay.

Olay have done it again! This new product marries the best of packaging with the best of ingredients. It calims to ..”Help banish puffiness and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles for instantly brighter, younger-looking skin around the eyes.”
It does this by using a great ingredient called Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 4 (which many of you may know as Matrixyl!) Yes this ingredient is an oldie but goodie.
I tried this and It worked INSTANTLY! I even took pics before and after to show all you sceptical people …. See my eye area.
Before Application
The product rolls on smoothly and it gives a cool feel on the eyes when you roll it around the eye area due to the metallic balls – which is actually a wonderful sensation!
After Applicaction

It’s easy to use – just click and apply. This easy click application allows for measured doses so I found that I wasn’t wasting any product.
I’m a sucker for new gadgets and this is such a cool gadget!
Now lets not forget the product inside the packaging … the product itself was smooth and easy to glide on. It didn’t leave a sticky finish and made my skin feel soft.  The only issue with this product which some may find negative is that it’s preserved with parabens. Not that I have an issue with parabens as I think that they are great preservative which do their job … preserve a product! (but that’s another issue for another blog!)
Rita Sellars