I was lucky enough to meet one half of the Chef Fresh team on my travels this week and I have to say that I came out totally inspired!  Now I’m not one that suffers much from inspiration lackitude but these boys sure know how to spin chemistry on its head and serve it up beautifully.  I wanted to take everything home!

Grant and Graham started working on the range three years ago and now have an impressive range of skin and hair treats including the Black Sesame and Walnut Tahini body scrub,  Pepitas and Lemongrass Foot Bar, Watercress and Green Apple Spritzer Toner and the Q10 and Saffron Boost Serum. Just delicious.

Grant is the kitchen guru and Graham has the web and business management  all sewn up, sweet!

For me the most exciting thing about this fledgling business is the fact that these guys really do know how to cook and as Professor Ian Frazer   once said:  “If a chemist can’t cook there is something wrong with them” (or something like that)…….   Well, that puts me in the naughty corner but elevates Grant to the top of the class (I am sure that every good chef has a touch of the mad scientist in them too).

As you would expect, the attention to detail in this range is immaculate. Grant actually creates many of the extracts in-house and has a pantry full of pumpkin, carrot and watercress brewing away. He also makes his own colours from chlorophyl, spices and herbs,  garnishes the products with fresh seeds and beans and digs up his own clay (that bit is a lie but wouldn’t it be fun!)

The products all look, feel and smell divine and there is more to come.  Grant is keen to extend […]