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Ding Dong Science Calling!

I want to believe. I REALLY want to just believe but in what? That is the question!
I have just spent three days at the Natural Health Expo in Sydney exhibiting our cosmetic kitchen. We had a great time, met some wonderful people and heard some amazing stories of how people have been cured of all manner of ills through one or another therapy. While I love to hear these testimonials and meet with the people for whom the world has suddenly been re-illuminated with hope, all I have is questions. It bugs me!
I have never been able to accept much without question. I suppose I accept that the sky is blue because it is (the scientific explanation is a bit too dull really); that we stick to the earth because of gravity (although I could easily be persuaded otherwise on this too!) and that Brussels Sprouts ruin a good Sunday roast! Other than that, everything else is up for debate I guess, and that is hard work.
The fact that I don’t just accept that vibration therapy will cure my allergies or that surrounding myself with crystals will calm my troubled mind doesn’t automatically make me a cynic. What it does mean is that I like to apply the discipline of my scientific background to everything from cooking or child rearing to levitation. For me science isn’t a systematic recipe that you follow out of a well-worn book. It is a philosophy based on open-minded logic, which is then supported by reproducible evidence that then stands the test of time. Science never stops looking and its outcomes are never preordained.
Many natural therapies are based on apothecary dating back hundreds if not thousands of […]

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Skin! Why should we care?

Body care how far does one go?

There is cleansing and moisturising and that’s about it, isn’t it?

Well to some that’s all there is time for or can be bothered with and even the moisturising may not get a look in.  I sometimes fall in this category.  Although there is so much more to looking after you body than what you put into it & cleaning it daily.

Your body surface is home to one of our largest organs and it is call Skin.  Your skin helps with a load of things not to mention keeping all our bits in tacked. So why is it important for us to give our skin a helping hand to keep working to its full potential.

Our skin breathes, removes impurities, helps regulate our body temperature and is good at helping us to look and feel great.  Can you imagine if we all went around without this amazing organ…..Gross!!   We would all look like those muscle posters in health clinics with the skin removed.  How odd!!   And trying to keep all the other organs and stuff in….how funny would that look.  Our skin defines us and really does make us all appear different; it is amazing what our skin can really do.  We put our skin under a lot of pressure. Females wanting to look their best, men putting their skin through work or lifestyle challenges and children growing, it’s not an easy thing for their skin to go through either.  We pluck, wax, tan, sun bake, bake in the solarium, let it go dry, we hit, scratch, burnp  it, bruise and cut it.  We also colour, stain, tattoo, paint it and even shave, pierce, stretch it and take bits from […]