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A Good Oil – The Moisture Locker

When it comes to skin care moisturisers are way up there on my essential list. I would gladly ditch many products but leave me a good oil (and some toothpaste) and I’ll survive.  Being a life-long wearer of troublesome skin (prone to irritation, pimples, eczema and sun damage) I have spent many happy hours trying to peel off those flaky little bits  that turn up around my nose over night.  I’ve scratched myself through meetings and slathered on layer after layer of aqueous cream in a bid to find balance and I’m not alone.

Dry skin is something that I was quite literally born with (being a late baby) and my genetic predisposition for eczema and allergies hasn’t helped but even those more fortunate in the skin lottery than me will, from time to time need a bit of extra help in the moisture department.

And so I come to my product of the week – Beautiful Skin by Renee, a blend of natural oils and rose essence  to soothe, smooth and relax.

The skin oil consists of a number of beauty greats:

Rosehip Oil –  An excellent source of unsaturated  fatty acids such as (Oleic acid 20%, Linoleic Acid 41%  & Linolenic Acid 39%) which have been found to be useful at reducing the appearance of scar tissue and wrinkles.   It is also a good source of trans retinoic acid which has been used for many years as an acne treatment (although it can cause the skin to redden and flake in some cases).  Finally its beautiful red colour comes from the presence  of carotenoids  including lycopene which is an oil soluble anti-oxidant.

Next we have vitamin E which is another fat soluble antioxidant and one that plays an essential […]

A Great Massage Requires A Good Oil!

A Good Oil is a Carrier Oil.            Massages are Good with a Good Oil.

You want to give a massage from home and not sure which oil is a good oil to use?

The main oils used in massages are vegetable oils or as massage therapists call them ‘carrier oils’.  For a massage, cold pressed oils are much preferred over the food grade quality called a ‘hot extraction’.

Cold pressed oils are extracted by squeezing the oil out through giant heavy pressing machines which in turn collects the oil drips and gives you the virgin pressed quality of oil. Exquisite!! This in turn does make them a little bit more expensive although the quality is outstanding for Aromatherapy and Massage use.

Would you believe there are many types of carrier oils and they hold some pretty remarkable properties within them? This is also why cold pressed oils are very useful in massaging.  The hot extraction method is quite a complicated refining process and most of the quality properties are destroyed through the high temperatures required for this process.

You will find that there are many oils out on the market now called Macerated Oils and these are very good for use in Aromatherapy treatments mainly you will find these oils too rich for massaging, not to mention quite expensive for a whole body treatment.  These macerated oils are a blend of plant product soaked in good quality cold pressed carrier oil for weeks then strained.  The end result is very good quality oil with amazing healing benefits.

For massaging carrier oils can be used on their own delivering goodness to ones skin or with added Aromatherapy (essential) oils can deliver some quite sensational massage blends to help with a […]